Hi, I am Cristina

I am a video editor and filmmaker with 10 years of experience creating content for broadcasters, brands, and institutions, my work is dedicated to creating stories that are meaningful and inspiring.

Over the last few years, I have been lucky enough to collaborate with very talented people on a diverse range of projects from commercials to fiction films and documentaries about unrepresented members of society. My work includes a documentary for History Channel, branded content for Mastercard, Ogilvy & Mather and The Barcelona Film Institute, and award-winning short films. Prior to working for myself, I worked for 4 years as senior editor and supervisor of the post-production house OPP in London.

I hold an MA in Film Editing from ESCAC, the Barcelona Film School, and an MA in Media and Communication from the University of Padova, world’s fifth-oldest university.

While approaching an audiovisual project, I firstly look for a powerful narrative, to then push the creative boundaries. As pieces of this moving puzzle, I especially favour aesthetic images, catchy rhythms, and stories that are able to connect people. And to help my clients express their vision, I also bring to the team strong listening skills and a rapid problem-solving mindset.

I am currently editing a feature film for Caritas Films and I am a visiting lecturer at the MA in editing at South Bank University.


I am well versed in all aspects of production and post-production:

Editing: Ten years of experience editing with Premiere Pro and Avid on both scripted and unscripted material. Excellent knowledge of the audiovisual language, sense of rhythm and timing.

Grading: working knowledge of DaVinci Resolve 12. Photographic eye and aesthetic sensibility.

Technical know-how: Solid knowledge of off-line and online workflows, broadcasters delivery specifications, motion graphics, and titling. 

Production: Five years of experience producing for television and brands, strong time management and client-facing skills.

Editing and storytelling