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History Channel: WWII Forgotten Ally


Format: HD, 1 x 60′

Commissioner:  HISTORY CHANNEL

This groundbreaking documentary investigates, for the first time, the epic struggle between China and Japan and its lasting effects in China and beyond.  Based on the acclaimed book, ‘Forgotten Ally‘ by renowned China expert Rana Mitter, the film combines eye witness testimony with rare archive footage and stunning animated reconstructions. An emotional, eye-opening journey that re-writes history as we know it.

Offline Editor: Cristina Balduin

Produced by: TVF International & OPP

IAF: The Gamitana Dream



FORMAT: HD, 1 x 10′


Documentary about a n.g.o development project in Peru, a travel along the Amazon River to discover how the local fishermen built a fish farm: listen to their enthusiasm about their first entrepreneur project.

Camera, editing, production: Cristina Balduin

Wild Gibraltar



FORMAT: 1 x 52′, Video and audio reversioning

Wild Gibraltar is a stunning wildlife documentary featuring the varied and colourful animals which inhabit the border between Africa and Europe. On land and at sea, watch predators big and small wage age-old battles with nature and man.

Reversioning Editor: Cristina Balduin

Reversioning produced by: OPP & TVF International