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My Baby Shot Me Down



FORMAT: 1 x 10′, 35mm

Winner of Best Short Film at the Open World Toronto Film Festival and Southampton International Film Festival.  Nominated for Best Editing at Southampton International Film Festival.

“Four pairs of stilettoes clack softly on a blue-tinted concrete floor as the women wearing them march in unison to the steady, provocative beat of the drums accompanied by guitar riffs…”

My baby shot me down is an experimental film shot on 35 mm about domestic violence with a twist. A story about five women and their insatiable desire for revenge. A film without dialogues where the rhythm is built exclusively through the music and the edit, and the images speak for themselves by being daring and surreal empowering.

Offline Editor: Cristina Balduin

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The Dry Cleaner

FORMAT: 1 x 17′, DCI 4K Cinemascope

The Dry Cleaner is a contemporary short spy film about the moral dilemma of agent recruitment and it takes its name from a real life anti-surveillance technique used by spies. This project is currently being post-produced and is also in development with the same characters as a feature film. Shot in London on Red Epic.

Off-line editing: Cristina Balduin

Production: Beyond Mirrors Films

Written and directed by Chris Carr



FORMAT: HD, 1 x 2’30”

Timewave is an experiment, a trip down memory lane. A visual poem about childhood through the waves of past memories and Sara Teasdale’s evocative words. Shot in the incredible location of Supe, Peru.

Production and editing: Cristina Balduin
Camera: Cristina Balduin and Daniel Gárate
Free interpretation of “Only in Sleep”, by Poetess Sara Teasdale