Mastercard: How far would you go for your team?

ROLE: Offline editor

FORMAT: 1’30’’ x  4 (English, Spanish, German & Italian versions), 4K

CLIENT: Mastercard

AGENCY: McCann Erickson London

RESULTS: The campaign was released via social media as part of a wider strategy throughout the championship, and reached 50 million views worldwide.

BRIEF: Football fans say they go all the way for their team. But can they make it? Expanding on their massively successful ‘Priceless’ campaign, McCann Erickson created the ‘How Far Would You Go For Your Team?’ social campaign during the 2017 UEFA Champions League.

HIGHLIGHTS: After a long editing session with the producer, deciding to add a ticking clock, using a cinematic device to increase viewers engagement. The cheerful tone built throughout the edit was also the core strategy to boost brand affection and purchase intent.