Cristina Balduin is a video editor and filmmaker with 10 years of experience creating content for production companies, broadcasters and brands.

Cristina discovered her passion for stories during an Italian hot summer, devouring adventure books. But it was just later, at the University of Padova, where she developed an interest in Film and earned an MA in Media and Communication with a thesis on her interviews with cinematographer and 6 times Goya winner Javier Aguirresarobe (The Others, Blue Jasmine, etc). After graduating, Cristina moved to Spain to become an editor: there she attended the MA in Film Editing at the Barcelona Film School (ESCAC) and was mentored by Spanish award-winning editors Luís de la Madrid and Ivan Aledo, known for working with directors as Brad Anderson and Julio Medem. After relocating to London in 2015, Cristina worked as in-house senior editor at TVF Media, and since 2018, she works as a freelancer.

Cristina believes in filmmaking as a powerful tool to foster imagination, feed curiosity and inspire change. Over her career, she has edited a diverse range of projects, spanning from fictional films, documentaries and shorts for broadcasters as History Channel and BBC2, and advertising campaigns for brands like Mandarin Oriental, Mastercard and British Gas. The films she edited have been awarded at festivals around the world as Toronto, Sochi, and Southampton Film Festival, while the branded content she cut for Ogilvy & Mather has been featured in Campaign magazine as one of the top 10 advertising campaigns of the year.

Cristina is drawn to stories that bring a fresh perspective and enjoys working with the director in crafting nuances in rhythm and tone. Cristina also directs character-driven documentaries and has experience gaining access to sensitive communities. Besides, Cristina enjoys teaching, and recently started lecturing at the MA in Film Editing at London South Bank University.

Video editing and storytelling