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ROLE: Offline editor

FORMAT: Corporate video, 2x 2′, HD

CLIENT: Mastercard

AGENCY: McCann Erickson London

BRIEF: This case study video was developed by McCann London to illustrate their communication strategy for the Mastercard Sponsorship of the UEFA 2017 season. The video wanted to scientifically yet engagingly describe McCann approach: the agency created for Mastercard a year-long stream of content across several digital platforms, aimed at generating an emotional connection with the audience and UEFA championship related conversations. 

HIGHLIGHTS: Having fun editing the top ten goals of UEFA 2017.


ROLE: Offline editor

FORMAT: Corporate video, 1x 2′, HD



BRIEF: TCL is a technology company which delivers intelligent sound solutions. Beast team traveled to Belgium to produce a video that promoted their latest products, as well as making known the team and innovative culture behind them.

HIGHLIGHTS: Scanning through hours of interviews, selecting the audio bits that could better convey the dynamism at the core of the company’s mission.


ROLE: Offline editor

FORMAT: 4 x 1′, HD, English, Spanish, German & Italian versions

CLIENT: Mastercard

AGENCY: McCann Erickson London

RESULTS: The interview had 55K views on YouTube on the day of release.

BRIEF: The interview, conceived by McCann London as part of the social campaign for Mastercard ?How Far Would You Go For Your Team?,  portraits football legend and ex-Manchester United and Wales player, Ryan Giggs, as the main voice of the campaign. Giggs talks about how far some fans will go for their team and gets emotional while telling how fans can affect the outcome of a game.

HIGHLIGHTS: Editing in record time during the UEFA Champions League Final 2017. But we didn’t miss the highlights of the match!


ROLE: Offline editor, producer, camera

FORMAT: 1 x 2′, HD

CLIENT: The Barcelona Film Institute

AGENCY: Cristina Balduin & Putos Modernos Design Studio

BRIEF: This is a video and concept I created for the Barcelona Film Institute to promote their new headquarters and showcase their refurbished exhibition rooms and cinemas. The idea was to express modernity and dynamism but at the same time, keep an official tone in line with this well-known organisation.

HIGHLIGHTS: How do you visualise 2 opposite concept? Established and unconventional, institutional but out-of-the box? Combining elegant panning shots with cuts on actions edited to a rap rhythm.


ROLE: Offline editor

FORMAT: Feature documentary, 1 x 52′, HD. Please have a look at the trailer and feel free to get in touch to request a copy of the full episode.

COMMISIONER: History Channel


SYNOPSIS: This groundbreaking historical documentary investigates, for the first time, the epic struggle between China and Japan during the second world war and its long-lasting effects in modern China and beyond.  

Based on the acclaimed book, Forgotten Ally, by renowned China expert Rana Mitter, the film combines eye witness testimony with rare archive footage and stunning animated reconstructions. An emotional, eye-opening journey that re-writes history as we know it.

HIGHLIGHTS: Juggle between hours of archive footage and condense 8 years of human suffering in just 52 minutes.


ROLE: Offline editor

FORMAT: Art Film, 1 x 3′, HD

COMMISIONER: BBC2. The film was funded as part of the BBC Two Minute Masterpiece programme.

DIRECTOR: Naomi Waring

SYNOPSIS: Using Arthur O’Shaughnessy’s ode as inspiration, Naomi Waring’s film celebrates the confidence, pride and beauty that disco dancing brings to a working class community in Northern Ireland.

HIGHLIGHTS: Feeling motivated by this story of youth empowerment and dreaming to fly through the air as the young performers.


ROLE: Offline editor, Director 

FORMAT: Short documentary, 1 x 16′, HD

COMMISSIONER: Manos Unidas, N.G.O.

SYNOPSIS: Fishponds of the Amazon is a short documentary about an entrepreneurship project in a small village on the shores of the Amazon River. 

In 2014, the non-profit organisation Tacif started a fish-farming project in the Peruvian Amazon. They promote aquaculture as a way to support low-income families,  foster gender equality and protect river wildlife. The story is told through images captured in the rainforest and interviews of the main characters, while a colourful animation reconstructs the background of the project. Original score composed in the UK with a South American swing.

The film is in currently being presented at festivals around the world.

HIGHLIGHTS: Shooting in the jungle, under a 45 degrees sun, to then come back home and find the real story in the editing room.


ROLE: Offline editor

FORMAT: Social campaign for Instagram and Facebook. 

7 x 15”, 7 x 10”, 7 x 6”, 9 x 5”, HD, vertical & horizontal format. The celebrities featured are: Lucy Liu, Adam Scott, Chen Man, Rami Malek, Chen Kun, Michelle Yeoh and Karen Mok. Please get in touch to request other viewing links.

CLIENT: Mandarin Oriental

AGENCY: London Advertising

RESULTS: The campaign was released via social media for the European and Chinese market.

BRIEF: The ‘Fan campaign’ is an award-winning advertising campaign launched in 2000, aimed to connect the Group’s well recognised symbol – the fan – with international celebrities who regularly stay at the Mandarin Oriental hotels and consider themselves fans of the brand. Featuring movie stars and personalities from the world of sports like Lucy Liu, Chen Man and Adam Scott, the campaign seek to increase the Group’s global awareness and to represent the brand core values of luxury, elegance, and comfort.

HIGHLIGHTS: Practising conceptualisation to adapt a traditional advertising campaign to the new rules of fast consuming content on social media. And considering the type of client, the attention to detail was a must.