ROLE: Offline editor

FORMAT: Feature Film, 1 x 84’, DCI 4K Cinemascope Cropped. Please get in touch to request a viewing link.


DIRECTOR: Flavia Casá

AWARDS: Winner: Best UK Actress: Janine Birkett, Best UK Actor: Jack Loy, Best supporting Actor: Mark Wingett

Film Premiere: Los Angeles Femme International Film Festival, Official Selection, 17th of October 2019

SYNOPSIS: Set in the British seaside, Beautiful in the Morning is a coming of age story about Marielle, an 18 years old girl who during the summer travels to her family country house to reconnect with the women in her family, only for them to be torn apart by an intrusive stranger.

The film is in currently being presented at festivals around the world. Please get in touch to request a viewing link.

HIGHLIGHTS: The Sunday’s editing sessions with the director, discussing passionately on how to represent realistically the emotional world of an 18 years old.