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ROLE: Offline editor

FORMAT: Social campaign for Instagram and Facebook. 

7 x 15”, 7 x 10”, 7 x 6”, 9 x 5”, HD, vertical & horizontal format. The celebrities featured are: Lucy Liu, Adam Scott, Chen Man, Rami Malek, Chen Kun, Michelle Yeoh and Karen Mok. Please get in touch to request other viewing links.

CLIENT: Mandarin Oriental

AGENCY: London Advertising

BRIEF: The ‘Fan campaign’ is an award-winning advertising campaign launched in 2000, aimed to connect the Group’s well recognised symbol – the fan – with international celebrities who regularly stay at the Mandarin Oriental hotels and consider themselves fans of the brand. Featuring movie stars and personalities from the world of sports like Lucy Liu, Chen Man and Adam Scott, the campaign seek to increase the Group’s global awareness and to represent the brand core values of luxury, elegance, and comfort.

RESULTS: The campaign was released via social media for the European and Chinese market.

HIGHLIGHTS: Practising conceptualisation to adapt a traditional advertising campaign to the new rules of fast consuming content on social media. And considering the type of client, the attention to detail was a must.


ROLE: Offline editor

FORMAT: 1 x 15’’,  1 x 30’’, 1 x 60’’,1 x 3′

CLIENT: Schwarzkopf


BRIEF: We created a series of videos to advertise the new colour lines created by Schwarzkopf and increase brand awareness.

RESULTS:  The campaign was screened during the British Hairdressing Awards 2020.


ROLE: Offline editor, colourist

FORMAT: 136 x 3′ Social Films, HD

CLIENT: British Gas

AGENCY: Ogilvy & Mather

BRIEF: British Gas launched a new online series designed to showcase the consumer benefits of connected homes and smarter living. Developed by OgilvyOne, the series of 136 short documentaries follows three real families over three months, capturing their daily lives while they experience smart technology.

AWARDS: Top 10 Customer Engagement campaigns for the year, Campaign magazine.

HIGHLIGHTS: Develop the families’ individual stories into the brand’s wider message, and cut in record time hundreds of videos without losing sight of the big picture.


ROLE: Offline editor

FORMAT: 1’30”x 4 (English, Spanish, German & Italian versions), 4K

CLIENT: Mastercard

AGENCY: McCann Erickson London

BRIEF: Football fans say they go all the way for their team. But can they make it? Expanding on their massively successful ‘Priceless’ campaign, McCann Erickson created the ‘How Far Would You Go For Your Team?’ social campaign during the 2017 UEFA Champions League.

RESULTS: 50 million views worldwide. The campaign was released via social media throughout the championship.

HIGHLIGHTS: After a long editing session with the producer, deciding to add a ticking clock, using a cinematic device to increase viewers engagement. The cheerful tone built throughout the edit was also the core strategy to boost brand affection and purchase intent.


ROLE: Offline editor

FORMAT: Music video, 1 x 3’30”, 4K

CLIENT: George The Poet

AGENCY: Dark Pictures

BRIEF: For this video clip for the British spoken-word artist George the Poet, the director created a modern minimalist look, based on a sleek high definition black and white intercut with superimposed mirrored images.

HIGHLIGHTS: Creating an imaginative edit through the artist’s personality and lyrics.


ROLE: Offline editor

FORMAT: 1 x 2′, 1 x 30”, 5 x 15”, 4K & HD

CLIENT: Clifton Hotels

AGENCY: Online Post-Production

BRIEF: The Berkeley Square Hotel in Bristol is one of the top boutique hotels in the UK (fifth according to the Guardian), but also and more significantly, the city’s first Art Hotel. While working at Online Post-production, the company was approached by the brand to produce and edit several video pieces for their website, which showcased the hotel’s full range of services.

HIGHLIGHTS: Through the treatment of the video piece, portraying the customers stay at the hotel as a full on visual experience, deeply connected with the artistic roots of the city.


ROLE: Online and GFX editor

FORMAT: Commercial, 1x 30” x 3 and 1 x 15” x 3, HD,  English, German and Turkish versions

CLIENT: Hilton Hotels

AGENCY: Ever After

BRIEF: Commercial for the hotel chain Hilton with a family and welcoming feel.

HIGHLIGHTS: Masking out unwanted elements during an exceptionally rainy day.