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ROLE: Offline editor

FORMAT: Short Film, 1 x 3′, HD

COMMISIONER: BBC2. The film was funded as part of the BBC Two Minute Masterpiece programme.

DIRECTOR: Naomi Waring

SYNOPSIS: Using Arthur O’Shaughnessy’s ode as inspiration, Naomi Waring’s film celebrates the confidence, pride and beauty that disco dancing brings to a working class community in Northern Ireland.

FESTIVALS: Official selection at: Aesthetica Short Film Festival (BAFTA-Qualifying), Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, Uppsala Short Film Festival, Dublin International Film Festival.

HIGHLIGHTS: Feeling motivated by this story of youth empowerment and dreaming to fly through the air as the young performers.


ROLE: Offline editor

FORMAT: Feature Film, 1 x 94′, DCI 4K.


DIRECTOR: Flavia Casà

SYNOPSIS: Set in the British seaside, Beautiful in the Morning is a coming of age story about Marielle, an 18 years old girl who during the summer travels to her family country house to reconnect with the women in her family, only for them to be torn apart by an intrusive stranger.

FILM PREMIERE: Los Angeles Femme Int’l Film Festival, Official Selection


  • Winner, Sochi International Film Festival, Special Jury Prize and Best Cinematography
  • Winner, London Int’l Motion Picture Awards for Janine Birkett (Best Uk Actress), Jack Loy (Best Uk Actor), Mark Wingett (Best supporting Actor).
  • Finalist, Los Angeles Femme Int’l Film Festival, Best Feature Writer (Flavia Casà).
  • Nominee, Top Indie Film Awards for Best Feature, Best Cinematography and Best Music.
  • Special Mention at Unrestricted View Film Festival.

HIGHLIGHTS: The late editing sessions with the director, discussing passionately on how to represent realistically the emotional world of an 18 years old.


ROLE: Offline editor

FORMAT: Short Film,1 x 17′, DCI 4K Cinemascope

DIRECTOR: Chris Carr

CHANNEL: Amazon Prime

SYNOPSIS:  The Dry Cleaner is a contemporary short spy film about the moral dilemma of agent recruitment. British Intelligence officer George Collins makes contact with Middle Eastern student Lydia, who at her university knows members of a revolutionary group called the FKA. George tries to persuade Lydia to work with him and provide information. Will Lydia spy on her friends in Britain or will she leave George out in the cold?

The film is currently in development with the same characters as a feature film. Shot in London on Red Epic.


  • Honourable Mention at SpyFlix Film festival
  • Official Selection at London Lift Off Festival, The British Short Film Awards, New York Independent Cinema Awards

HIGHLIGHTS: Experimenting with suspense while getting into the mindset of an hesitant aspiring young spy.


ROLE: Offline editor

FORMAT: Short Film,1 x 10′, 35 mm

DIRECTOR: Daniella Daemy

SYNOPSIS: My baby shot me down is an experimental film about domestic violence with a twist. A story about five women and their insatiable desire for revenge. A stylised, tarantinian fight back where violence is a contradictory, yet symbolic, response to the abuse. A film without dialogues, where the images and the music speak for themselves by being daring and empowering.


  • Winner, Best Short Film, Open World Toronto Film Festival
  • Nominee, Best Editing, Southampton International Film Festival.
  • Winner, Best Short Film, Southampton International Film Festival.

Read the full review of the film here

HIGHLIGHTS: Editing the flashbacks of the abuses and trying to picture realistically yet sensibly the horrors that too many women face daily.


ROLE: Offline editor & Colourist

FORMAT: Film Trailer, 1 x 2′, 4K

DIRECTOR: Danny Patrick 

SYNOPSIS: Requiem for a Fighter is an innovative tale of family and unlicensed boxing in a close-knit Irish town. Kim Kold from Fast and Furious plays Lucas, a former Danish Army Officer who travels to Ireland to clear up the details of his estranged son’s death. This journey will lead him to discover unknown sides of his son’s life, build new bonds and fight for his son owns convictions.

HIGHLIGHTS: Outline a plot rich of storylines in just 2 minutes, showcasing a variety of dramatic moods, keeping at the same time the rhythm engaging and the story real.