Fishponds of the Amazon is an inspiring story of collaborative work in a remote village in the Peruvian rainforest, narrated by renowned journalist Georgina Godwin.

FORMAT: Short documentary | 16 minutes | HD

SYNOPSIS: The Amazon is burning, threatened by mass exploitation; public opinion is split between conservationists and liberalists. But what if it were possible to reconcile both? Through the local N.G.O. Tacif, filmmaker Cristina Balduin gained access to a remote village in the Peruvian Amazon where the NGO had launched a sustainable aquaculture project to improve the economic conditions of low-income families while protecting river wildlife. The documentary follows 24 fishermen as they learn to run a sustainable fish farm, showcasing their positive approach to change and the strong link between collaboration, gender equality, and motivation.

HIGHLIGHTS: Filmed under the intense jungle sun in the style of guerrilla filmmaking, this documentary finds its true essence in the editing room. Combining live-action footage with colorful animation and a frenzied Latin-American soundtrack, it provides a vivid glimpse into local life.

DIRECTOR & EDITOR: Cristina Balduin

VOICE OVER ARTIST: Georgina Godwin

ORIGINAL SCORE: Richard McCormick

ANIMATORS: Nicola Jane Francis, Mariana Leal and Tolia Milcheva


COMMISSIONER: Manos Unidas and Tacif, N.G.O.s