ROLE: Offline editor, Director 

FORMAT: Short documentary, 1 x 16′, HD

COMMISSIONERS: Manos Unidas and Tacif, N.G.Os

SYNOPSIS: Fishponds of the Amazon is a short documentary about a sustainable development project in a remote village of the Peruvian rainforest.

We all read the headlines: the Amazon is burning, threatened by mass exploitation; public opinion is split between conservationists and liberalists. But what if it were possible to conciliate both? In 2018 filmmaker Cristina Balduin gained access to a remote village in the Peruvian rainforest, where the N.G.O. Tacif had started a  sustainable entrepreneurship project: they promoted aquaculture as a way to support low-income families and protect river wildlife. Combining live-action footage and a colourful animation, this short documentary follows 24 fishermen while they learn to run a sustainable fish-farm. And listening to its frenzied Latin-American soundtrack, we get a glimpse into the local way of living. We discover the fishermen’ s positive approach to change and learn how gender equality and motivation are deeply connected. Narrated by renowned journalist Georgina Godwin, this documentary sheds a light on a proposal that aims at preserving the environment whilst fostering economic development, hoping for a new ‘butterfly effect’. Because a little community in the Amazon could perhaps make an impact on the future of the planet.

The film is in currently being presented at festivals around the world.

HIGHLIGHTS: Shooting in the jungle, under a 45 degrees sun, then come back home and find the real story in the editing room.