ROLE: Offline editor, Director 

FORMAT: Short documentary, 1 x 15’, HD

COMMISSIONER: Manos Unidas, N.G.O.

SYNOPSIS: Fishponds of the Amazon is a short documentary about an entrepreneurship project in a small village on the shores of the Amazon River. 

In 2014, the non-profit organisation Tacif started a fish-farming project in the Peruvian Amazon. They promote aquaculture as a way to support low-income families,  foster gender equality and protect river wildlife. The story is told through images captured in the rainforest and interviews of the main characters, while a colourful animation reconstructs the background of the project. Original score composed in the UK with a South American swing.

The film is in currently in final stages of post-production and will be presented at festivals in early 2020.

HIGHLIGHTS: Shooting in the jungle, under a 45 degrees sun, to then come back home and find the real story in the editing room.