ROLE: Assistant Editor for Series 7, Ep. 05 and 06

FORMAT: Broadcast documentary, 2x 60′

Series 06 is currently available for streaming on Sky Uk or National Geographic USA.

COMMISSIONER: National Geographic

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Darlow Smithson London

SYNOPSIS: This history series examines the military mind-set, pioneering tactics and state-of-the-art technologies deployed by the Nazis and the Allies during World War II. 

Episode 05, Hitler’s desert War, showcases how Rommel’s brutal campaign in North Africa pushed the British to their limits and dictated the course of the war. Episode 06, Hitler’s Mediterranean Fortress, talks about Operation Mincemeat and how allied spies planted false documents on a corpse to carry out of the most audacious deceptions of World War II.

HIGHLIGHTS: Juggling between hours of archive footage to find the right shot.