Historical series for National Geographic, seventh season

FORMAT: Six-part series, Season 7, episodes 5 and 6 | Duration: 2 x 60 minutes | HD

SYNOPSIS: This historical series delves into the military strategies, groundbreaking tactics, and cutting-edge technologies employed by both the Nazis and the Allies during World War II. 

HIGHLIGHTS:  In Episode 05, viewers are immersed in the intense battles of Rommel’s North African campaign, while Episode 6 reveals Operation Mincemeat—a gripping account of Allied spies planting false evidence, highlighting the indispensable role of wartime espionage in shaping the conflict’s outcome.

DIRECTORS: Chris Ledger, Sid Bennett

EDITORS: Jonathan Kelly, Richard Lace, Ali Kerr

ASSISTANT EDITOR: Cristina Balduin

CHANNEL: National Geographic

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Darlow Smithson London